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FCA: Ferrari Club VR Racing Simulator Experience


Begins: Mar 04, 2018
Ends: Mar 04, 2018


Space is limited. Please register HERE

VR Motion Labs, based in Plymouth MA, is inviting the FCA New England Region to test drive their top of the line VR Racing Motion Simulator and learn how enthusiasts, HPDE addicts, race teams and pro coaches are using simulators to improve their driving. VR Motion Labs designs and builds high performance VR Racing Motion Simulators with 3DOF (pitch, roll, traction loss) movement. The team has a deep level of experience in motorsports, spanning from decades of motocross racing all the way to currently running a Z4M Coupé in regional HPDEs.

Please Note: Maximum driver height is 6'1" and maximum driver weight is 220 lbs for this simulator.

Attendee count is limited to 15 for this event so that everyone has a reasonable amount of time in the simulator.

Space is limited. Please register HERE

contact for more info.