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FCA: Cars and Stars of the Indy 500 at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA


Begins: May 19, 2018
Ends: May 19, 2018


FCA: Cars and Stars of the Indy 500 at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA

Begins: May 19, 2018

Ends: May 20, 2018 (overnight optional)

Start Your Engines: Cars and Stars of the Indy 500

Action Required: First Come, First Served

  1. Register your Italian Exotic: Limited to 40 entries (
  2. RSVP for Saturday dinner at the Belfry Inn (email:
  3. Book a room at the Belfry Inn (Call 508-888-8550 and ask for Chris Wilson)
  4. Not convinced you want to attend this event? Read below for exclusive add-on's for FCA New England members. Did you know Ferrari has had entries into the Indy500?

Heritage Museum & Gardens (

If you haven't visited the museum you're in for a very special treat. Not because of the exquisite car museum, the breathtaking gardens with acres of walking trails, the rotating art exhibit, the Indy500 car exhibit or maybe even the adventurous planning to embark for a short zip-line. Your museum visit includes three very special add-on's

  • Private lunch with Lyn St. James (
  • It's not well known that five (5) Ferrari's submitted entry into the 1952 Indy500 race and one car driven by Johnny Mauro that will be at the museum
  • FCA members have first opportunity to register. With only 40 spaces available, let's take them all! See Item #1 above to register.

Belfry Inn Dinner: 6pm+

A FCA New England Member exclusive. A dedicated menu and likely a celebrity appearance from earlier in the day. You can attend the dinner regardless of staying at the Belfry Inn by confirming with an email to Lee Cappola @

Belfry Inn

We've negotiated a special rate for Friday & Saturday night, including secured and monitored corral parking together. There are 20 rooms available and on exclusive hold until May 5th. The options per night are Painted Lady Building $165 or Abbey $215, both include breakfast. Call Chris Wilson as noted in Item #3 above. Once these rooms fill we'll move to another nearby hotel - contact Lee Cappola for more information.

Ferrari & Indy 500. That's correct! A vehicle not to miss.

Don't have an Italian Exotic at this time and want to join all activities except the car registration? Do exactly that as described above - just leave off the car registration.



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